With its green neon sign, leather booths, and everything-but the-kitchen-sink menu, this familial cafe embraces its diner feel.

There's nothing dingy or dated about the place, though in lieu of retro red vinyl and chrome, you'll find warm oak paneling and polished mirrors that lend the brightly-lit space a homey feel. Run by two brothers, Marc and Jon Bash, the restaurant serves neighborhood locals huge portions of comfort food like fried chicken, with friendly service.

Popular offerings include filling triple-decker sandwiches, piled high with turkey and bacon, and crisp, protein-packed salads like the classic Cob. Heavier classics run to a thick, buttery cheeseburger and down-home dishes like broiled chopped steak and roast brisket. There are plenty of beverage options, including a short wine list and Mexican sangria, though it's hard to beat a good old fashioned egg cream or ice cream soda.